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Four (4) year apprenticeship


The painter applies coats of paint, varnish, stain, enamel or lacquers to decorate and protect interior and exterior surfaces, trimmings and fixtures of building and other structures. The painter prepares surfaces to receive paint or other finishes. A painter caulks, fills nail holes, and makes other repairs, etc. before painting. The painter applies paint and other materials with brush, roller, trowel and spray gun. A painter may also work with all wall coverings to include vinyl and fabrics.


Basic Qualifications:


At least 18 years of age

Physically fit to perform work of the trade


Familiarity with construction is helpful


Needs to furnish own hand tools


Work will be both outdoors and indoors


The apprentice will receive increment wage rate increases based on a percentage of the journeyworker rate, beginning at approximately 50% of journeyworker pay.


The apprentice will be required to attend related training classes, most likely in the evenings.


Condensed Work Experience:


Surface preparation for paints and stains


Paints (oil, latex, enamel, etc.)




Spray painting


Abrasive blasting

Lead abatement

Drywall taping and finishing

Blueprint reading

Care, use and operation of tools and equipment used by the painter


Applications taken year round


Benefits include:  Pension Plan, Health Insurance, Training and Education, Vacation, 401k Plan


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