Iron Worker

14515 Industrial Road

Omaha, NE 68144



Four (4) year apprenticeship


The ironworker works with structural steel on construction and maintenance projects, does acetylene, air arc and plazma cutting and uses various welding processes. Installs and ties rebar placed in (composite material in reinforcing) concrete. Installs stairways and railings, heavy steel doors and frames. Often works with cranes so needs to learn signals for crane operation and proper rigging for hoisting, etc. Most likely will need to be able to work at heights since much of the work involves erection of steel beams and columns for building and other structures.  Curtain walls, pre-glazed walls, sliding doors, windows, and balcony rail.  All composite products, which replace anything placed by ironworkers.  Composite materials in bridges, decking and handrail, and all cutting and handling of this material.  


Basic Qualifications:

At least 18 years of age

High school education or a G.E.D.

Physically fit to perform work of the trade

Valid drivers license

Veterans must submit a copy of their DD214 Form


Familiarity with construction is helpful


Needs to furnish own hand tools


Much of this work will be performed outdoors in the early stages of a building project. Often will be walking beams above ground level.


The apprentice will receive incremental wage increases beginning at 67% of journeyman scale.


The apprentice will be required to attend related training classes, most of which will be in the evening.


Applications taken year round


Benefits include:  Pension Plan, Health and Welfare, Annuity, Training and Education, and Vacation


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