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Sprinkler Fitter

P.O. Box 390186

Omaha, NE 68139



Five (5) year apprenticeship


Sprinkler fitters are pipe fitting specialists in fire protection. They install, repair and maintain all types of fixed extinguishing systems. Most of the work deals directly with automatic sprinkler systems. They also have the skills necessary to install and service a wide variety of other fire protection equipment such as standpipes, carbon dioxide systems, halon systems, foam systems and dry chemical systems.


Basic Qualifications:


At least 18 years of age

High school education or a G.E.D.

Physically fit to perform work of the trade

Proficiency in math


Familiarity with construction is helpful


Works with power hand tools


Work will be both outdoors and indoors, with a large portion of work probably being performed overhead.  Much work should be indoors.


The apprentice will receive increment wage rate increases based on a percentage of the journeyworker rate, beginning at approximately 45% of journeyworker pay.


The apprentice's related training is done primarily through correspondence study administered by The Pennsylvania State University.


Condensed Work Experience:


Installation and repair of all types of fire sprinkler systems including, but not limited to, wet, dry, pre-action and deluge

Installation and repair of all types of water supplies including, but not limited to, city connection, fire pump, gravity tank and pressure tank

Installation and repair of all types of systems utilizing extinguishing agents other than water including, but not limited to, carbon dioxide, foam, dry chemical, and halon substitutes

Installation of piping and fittings which may be steel, copper or plastic and their supports

Pressure testing



Care, use and operation of tools and equipment used by the sprinkler fitter

Applications taken year round.


Benefits include:  Pension Plan, Health Insurance, Training and Education


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